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Empowering executives to maximise their impact through challenging transitions in economies, business, careers and in life.

iHelm Wardroom’s Executive Coaching program has been designed to provide senior executives with the knowledge, understanding, strategies and skills they need to define career pathways and achieve their full potential in business and in life.


As executives reach the zenith of their career, the need to maintain drive and focus, and build knowledge and understanding, grows ever more important. That the modern-day executive faces ever-increasing pace of change and transition in economies, business, technology and in life adds to the complexity of the challenges facing them.

Every individual and organisational environment is unique, which means each Wardroom coaching program is tailored to meet the needs of that individual or organisation as required. As a business consulting specialist, iHelm adopts an evidence-based approach to coaching engagements. The process focuses on key strengths and weaknesses, and is structured so as to enable them to immediately enhance their impact.


In broad terms the approach of each Wardroom coaching program is to:

  • identify the issues

  • establish specific objectives

  • implement 

  • review

As a coach, Martin Blake has worked with people from a range of backgrounds and with varied experience, from Managers and Senior Leaders through to Partners and C-suite executives.


He has an in-depth understanding of people and what it takes to be a successful leader in challenging work environments. Martin will introduce program clients to the latest academic thinking, case studies and other source material, including Harvard Business Review articles, to enhance understanding and improve program outcomes.


His coaching is goal and action focused so each coaching program delivers significant performance improvements and contributes to organisational effectiveness.

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